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Puro Water Solutions

9777 Walkers Glen Dr. NW
Concord, NC
Booth: 407

Company Description:

We are a Sales and Servicing Dealer for Puronics Water Softeners and Particle Purifier Air Purifiers in the Greater Charlotte Area. We offer top quality products to treat municipal and well water systems. Ask us to include a Reverse Osmosis System for your drinking water

Show Specials:

Normally $1195 online, we are offering the Particle Purifier, a medical grade portable air purifier that can handle up to a 4000 square foot home or office for only $795. Get protection from harmful airborne pathogens, allergens and offensive odors.

New Products

Puronics Water Softeners remove Chlorine and harsh minerals from tap water. Enjoy softer skin and hair. Use up to 50% less soap and cleaning products and stop water spots on shower doors and vehicles.


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